Applied Scholastics


Applied Scholastics International is a secular nonprofit public benefit corporation that addresses head-on the problem of illiteracy by making broadly available L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries in the field of education and literacy.

Mr. Hubbard recognized the deep effects on society of lowered education standards and literacy levels, observing that the illiterate or functionally illiterate, denied work and opportunity, often fall prey to criminality, vice or drugs. Thus, he embarked on an examination of the subject of study and isolated the precise causes for the success or failure of any activity or study.

So fundamental were his discoveries to the field of education, he released them for broad use.

Applied Scholastics has been dedicated for more than four decades to making these solutions to learning and literacy available internationally.

Applied Scholastics is a fully independent, nondenominational organization supported by the Church of Scientology and by Scientologists dedicated to raising educational standards throughout the world. Applied Scholastics recognizes that the world will one day rest in the hands of today’s children, and that how well they are equipped to carry this society forward depends on how well they are educated.

Ensuring quality education for today’s students to ensure a brighter future for all is the mission of Applied Scholastics.